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The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives

William James, Philosopher and Psychologist, 1845-1910


I am a counselling psychologist registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. 

My approach in therapy is largely psychodynamic, although I am guided by the needs of my patients in how I work. A psychodynamic approach works at gaining insight into our emotional responses and behaviours on conscious and unconscious levels. We look at how you might be stuck in repetitive patterns, using the therapeutic relationship as a window on how you might relate to important people in your life. We may explore past and present relationships and try to understand how these might hook in you certain patterns of thinking, feeling and relating to yourself and to others.

Qualifications: MA Counselling Psych (UKZN) PhD (UKZN)

Practice number: 0362484

HPCSA number: PS0109720

Calm Sea


Calm Sea


Some people who come to therapy have had previous experiences of being in therapy, sometimes positive and sometimes negative. Others are coming to the therapy for the first time. Either way, making and coming to that first appointment with a therapist can be nerve-wracking. For therapy to “work”, it is important to find a therapist you feel comfortable talking to.

There is no right or wrong way of being in therapy, and no one thing you are supposed to say or talk about. Whether you are struggling with a serious psychiatric illness or trying to adjust to recent life stressors, feeling stuck or overwhelmed or experiencing difficulties in relationships in your life, therapy is a safe, non-judgemental space where you can work through, grow, understand, and explore.


I offer therapy consultations for adult individuals. During our first session, I usually explain to patients how I work and what they can expect from therapy. We discuss together what brought them to therapy now, and work out a plan for moving forward together to get them to where they would like to be.

Therapy is a process and I encourage patients to allow this process to unfold, rather than expecting one session of therapy to be a “cure”. There is no set amount of time for how long therapy should take; it is different for every person, and you can choose to end therapy at whatever time feels right for you.

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My consultation fee is R800 per 60 minute session.


My practice is not contracted to medical aids. Patients are requested to make direct payment at the end of each month and to claim back from medical aids where their plans allow it.


West End Medical Suite, Mutualpark

Jan Smuts Drive 
Cape Town, 7405

082 938 8378

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